Naturopathy is not against any system of science/medicine.  Every system has its own effect and side effects. For certain ailments Naturopathy give excellent relief cure. For instance NIDDM (Non Insulin dependent Diabetes Mellitus) , IDDM (Insulin dependent Diabetes Mellitus). Hypertension, CAD (Coronary Artery Disease) Hyper Cholestrema, Stomach problems (Ulcer, APD, Gastritis), IBD (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), Psoriasis, Eczema, Asthma, Allergy, Renal (Kidney Stones), Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), Renal failure. Both Pre-dialysis stage and Post Dialysis treatment, Obesity, some kind of cancers etc.  We have proved that the above diseases can be relieved totally with our system of Naturopathy Management.  This hospital is the only centre with a separate department for renal failure case.  People from far and wide come here for this ailment.


Though Naturopathy is scientifically studied in US & UK, when we look into the principles of it- the basement is deep rooted in the philosophy of existence. World exists in time and space. It undergoes periodic creation and destruction which stands as ultimate reality. Five elements emanate from the 'Brahman' are :

1) Akaha - Space
2) Vayu - Air
3) Tejas - Fire
4) Apas - Water
5) Prithvi - Earth

Man is evolved out from all these elements as said in Yoga philosophy. It is true that no search can found the secrecy of life & death which is purely out of the reach of man who is trying to discover, rather conquer this world. These days man is suffering from a lot of diseases where there is no definite cause nor a cure. It were the relevance of Naturopathy comes. It says-when a man goes away from mother nature, when he lives against principles of nature, he suffers of a lot many troubles. For instance all the natural calamities like lack of rain-drought. Thinning our of ozone layer (causes cancer), Global warming, pollution of all basic elements is all enough to kill.


  • When you see ad in the name of health captions & you buy health from commercialized items- it is never possible. Your get health from disciplined life style, not from the market.
  • When you think medicine always cures- certain ailments work good with it, but not always. Chronic diseases need to be managed with combined therapies along with medicines. Eg : Diabetes needs oral medicines, diet control, exercise therapy which an make the disease under absolute control.
  • Are you crazy of junk foods like fast foods. fried foods, colored foods, soft drinks? Sure you are killing yourselves by slow poisoning...
  • Your diet does not contain any greens!! you don't get time to exercise !! Think twice..It is your body... You have to keep it healthy...You have to save your own life!!!
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Gandhiji Naturopathy have teams of qualified Naturopathy doctors, trained and experienced in Naturopathy remedies and well-trained therapists at each of our centres.

The patient first meets a specialist doctor who recommends appropriate treatment and the use of specific Ayurvedic ingredients for treatment, based on the ailment, diagnosis, and other factors related to the patient.